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I am a self taught artist that enjoys painting animals both wild and tame

in watercolour and digital media.  

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Choosing a piece of art for your home is a very personal decision that evokes usually a feeling or memory  from your experiences .   I choose to draw and paint things that have a special meaning to me that that I hope produces a positive feeling in the viewer.  


At first my paintings of animals came out of lockdown and how we relied on our pets for well being, comfort but also a way to leave the house for exercise.  I don't currently own a dog but being able to talk to passing neighbours and their dogs helped in the upside down world at that time.  Then  images of raging fires in Australia and injured wildlife also affected me emotionally so I started looking at animals and those caught up in conflict or natural disasters.  

The daily news of stories about the people from Ukraine carrying pets in coats as they flee conflict shows how we cannot bear to be parted from our pets.   I am sure it will be in my work at some point this year and hopefully any sales will go to helping these people.

I live with MS and fibromyalgia which means I find it more of a struggle to do things I used to enjoy  but found drawing and painting  become a solace particularly as it allows me to indulge in my life long love of animals.

My body of work is growing and I hope that even if you don't want to buy my work that you will follow me on instagram or sign up to my email to see my latest work.

If you would like a commission painting you can choose watercolour gouche or digital media depending on your preference and I can work from photographs but they need to be of good quality.  Please do drop me a line if you are thinking of a gift for want specific colours used.

For budding artists or just for well being I would like to produce Youtube videos or sketchbook outlines to download to encourage anyone who wants to give it a go.  Be careful it's addictive!

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Based in Chippenham Wiltshire

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